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Being a Divine Intern means that you have to opportunity to be an assistant to Maggie Martinescu on photo shoots, receive office and admin job experience, and the opportunity to learn photography under Maggie. As an intern you will receive office and admin job experience that you can use to apply to full time admin jobs in the future, one free session throughout your internship, the chance to earn gift cards through referrals, and the chance to be a model for shoots. You must attend the Divine Senior Spokesmodel meet and greet, Christmas party, Graduation party, and other events throughout your internship.  I am so excited to be able to take on interns! Please read the following before applying.


Chosen Divine Interns are required to:

Attend every Divine Senior Spokesmodel event

Notify parents of their application if you are under 18

The internship will be an unpaid internship.

This internship is for high school sophomores though college sophomores.

You are required to sign on as an intern for three months at a time. You are more than welcome to sign on for longer if you wish.

If you are interested in joining the team fill out the information below! Interns will be chosen by three weeks after their application is submitted.

Please note that for marketing purposes and since you will be working for my company please refrain from posting photos from other professional photographers while you are an intern.


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Parents Name (If under 18) *
Parents Name (If under 18)