Lilly's Freshman Prom

In previous weeks I shared about my sister Elena's senior prom and her glamorous shoot. This week I decided to show you different sides of this prom. Most proms exclude lower classes such as Freshman and sophomores but at Elena and Lily's school they include all grades. Elena and Lilly's school is so small that they let everyone the attend prom so they have enough kids there for it to be a real celebration! I personally think that is what makes high school worth it. Lilly looked absolutely stunning! I was so blessed to have been there for her first high school prom. She attended with her two beautiful friends Bailey and Lauren and I was so happy that they wanted to do pictures as well! Girls dream of this day since the day the walk through those High School doors and I am so proud to say I captured the first of many prom moments for my sister Lily. I hope you enjoy this beautiful girls photos as much as I like taking them. Have a Divine day!

Hair and Makeup: Caitlyn Richey

These two beautiful girls had the most amazing dresses. The black and blue were such bold colors that they stood out and stole the show no matter where they went.
This beautiful black dress stood out beautifully from the yellow roses and her red hair complemented her dress.
It helps being a trained model when you take photos in such a glam dress. She definitely stole the show at her prom.
This beautiful hair style and make up was done by Caitlyn Richey.
This beautiful braided messy updo was the perfect complement to her dress and personality.
Such a beautiful girl in a black prom dress with red hair.