How To Plan The Best Party Ever!

Last week I wrote a post about my 2019 meet and greet party for my senior spokesmodels and how amazing it was but today I want to write about how I planned and executed it! A Lot of different details and planning went into this day to make it amazing! The first thing I needed to do with my intern's help was to plan out every detail, talk over how we wanted the day to go, what we wanted to do for games, the backdrop, props for photos, food, and many other things.

For games, we decided to do giant Jenga, corn hole, lawn darts, and a fun game that we played at my 2018 teams Christmas party. This required you to blow up a balloon and let the air out to blow plastic cups off of the table, each person has eight cups and the first person to blow all eight off the table wins! This was a very fun game that gave us an abundance of laughs. Each of these games took some preparation. Giant Jenga required us to go to the hardware store and get 2X4s to make the pieces and then sand each piece down to make them smooth. We were lucky to already have the lawn darts and corn hole but we had to dig them out of the garage and find a place in the yard to set it up.

Balloon cup game, Giant Jenga

The backdrop that we used for photos was an old sheet that I had laying around the house and the design was hand painted! This backdrop was super simple and inexpensive to make. I had the supplies around the house already but if you don't have a sheet or paint you can get a bed sheet from the thrift store for 2-3 dollars and acrylic paint for fifty cents at Walmart..

DIYed photo backdrop from an old sheet and made pretty with hand painted flowers.

I decided to make flower crowns and buy some cute props to take photos with to make it a little more fun! I will leave a link to a video that I made about how to DIY your own flower crown so that you can make one yourself! I also had out fake DIY flower bouquets and a few single fake roses so that the girls could have fun with their photos!

All leaf crown hand maid.
Flower crowns that are handmade are the best!

For food, I decided to go simple and make burgers for everyone so that they could make it the way they like it and had Mac and Cheese on the side for one of my girls who is a vegetarian and I had a gluten-free option for another girl who is allergic to gluten. When you plan an event like this make sure that you ask your attendees if they are allergic to anything so that you can make sure you have an option for them! I also had lemonade and mango tea which we ended up mixing together to give it a good taste and a pretty pink color which looked amazing in the mason jars that we used as drinking glasses.

Mason jars as drinking glasses give a really nice touch.

Thank you so much for reading I hope you enjoyed this post and if you decide to use any of these ideas for a party of your own make sure you tag me @divinecreationsbymaggie or use the #divineparty so that I can see all of the amazing things that you make!