Guest Post by Divine Intern Cheyenne

“When you meet someone that teaches you, befriends you, and cares for you as much as Maggie cares about her clients you wouldn’t want anyone else to take the biggest moments in your life. When I arrived to my Senior prom pictures Maggie was waiting with open arms and a camera around her shoulders. Typical Maggie wearing a camera around her neck, it’s not just a huge part of her business, it’ literally attached to her body. This beautiful mind of hers finds the best in people, bringing out the biggest smiles and an abundant amount of laughs. The best part of every shoot with Maggie is when she tries to get you to laugh. She uses this fake laugh that is meant to make you laugh but then you just end up laughing at Maggie’s snort. My Senior Prom pictures were my favorite photoshoot I have ever been a part of. The poses were beautiful and the colors came out more amazing than the eye originally see’s”- Review from 2018 Senior Spokesmodel Cheyenne Osborne.

These photos are the exact thing that makes doing what I love the best. Learning about the people I love and care about is what brings my career to life. I have known Cheyenne for six years through Sagebrush church. Not only was she the best client I could ask for she is an amazing friend and was one of my bridesmaids. So when she asked me to take all of her senior moments I was overjoyed! Capturing moments that only happen once is my goal and inspiration to give my clients the best and most memorable photos. Life only gives you so many moments and I plan to capture every single one of them. Thank you for reading! I hope you all have a Divine day!

Cheek kisses, and putting on the boutonniere, wooden doors, and pillars.
Classing prom pose in front of a wooden door
Wrapped in a hug, and their pose that they do for every dance.
Detail shot of the green vest and tie and the boutonniere, and corsage. Carrying her into their future together.
Laughter and kisses.
So much love in their eyes. Walking shots.
Dancing with each other and lots of smiles.
Sparkle Convers, and shiny black lophers, and gazing into each others eyes.
Forehead kisses and silly faces.
Play fighting and dancing.