The Best of 2017 Wedding Edition!

This year was an amazing year for me! I started off 2017 with only one wedding booked and a dream to be a wedding photographer and I ended the year having captured seven weddings! Each of these weddings was so beautiful it was so hard to pick my favorite photos from each gallery! I am so thankful to each of my brides and grooms for trusting me to capture their special day and for letting me into their lives! I am so grateful for all that 2017 brought and I can't wait to see what 2018 brings me!


The Montoyas

The Boohers

The Blockers

The Garcias

The Caudills

The Johnstons

The Roybals



The Booher Wedding

Capturing a wedding is always the most amazing days for me. My Divine Bride and Grooms are always so beautiful and amazing to work with but it is even better when I have the honor of being able to call my Divine Bride and Grooms my friends. I have known Bailey for a few years we met though some mutual friends at one of my past jobs. I was so excited when she asked me to capture her wedding and over the course of her and Ryan's engagement we became good friends. Their day was so beautiful and fun! I had a blast capturing all of her details from her rings all the way to her lashes it was amazing to capture her beauty and goofy personality. Her groom was just as fun to capture him and his groomsmen did the force choke and the Thor smash for photos. The ceremony was so beautiful from the moment it started, she walked down the aisle to Beauty and the Beast, Ryan had the most beautiful reaction to seeing his bride, they washed each others feet and it was all around the most beautiful ceremony! This was a wedding where I learned something completely new! I had never taken sunset photos before this wedding and it was a challenge but the photos came out so stunning and I am happy with the final product!! I am so happy that I got to be apart of their amazing day and I pray for many long and happy years of marriage! 



The Blocker Wedding

This day was so beautiful! I had the honor of capturing Brianna and Cody Blocker on the day they started their lives together! From the start of the day everything went as perfect as it could! From watching the girls getting ready to taking the bridal party portraits to the ceremony and the reception everything was beautiful and perfect! The ceremony was very Christ honoring and I was blessed not only to be there but to capture it all! Something that made the day that much better for me was that we took these amazing photos of the Good and groomsmen with a Thor hammer! How cool is that? The Groom was a very amazing Thor and the only one who could steel the Bride's heart. All in all this day was so amazing and I was so blessed to capture it all! I pray for many long happy years of marriage! 



A Special Wedding

From day one I knew that Meagan and Dillon were going to be the perfect Bride and Groom to work with! They are such a sweet couple and are so deeply in love you can see it in their eyes. Their engagement photos were perfect because I got to capture who they really were as a couple and I got to capture such special moments between them. Their day was so beautiful even though it was overcast and it went off without a hitch! Sadia Lakes was such a beautiful location to shoot in I felt like I was in heaven for photographers. Their ceremony was so beautiful and Christ-honoring that he even did something special to show his blessing on their marriage. As I said before the day was overcast but during the ceremony, they rededicated their lives to Christ as a couple and the moment they said we do the sun broke through the clouds and shone on them! Its a moment no one who was at that ceremony will ever forget and what a special moment for Meagan and Dillon! Their day was beautiful and they are a beautiful couple! I cant wait to see where God takes them!