Bridal Portraits

I have been waiting for months to write a post about this topic! The bridal portraits are my ABSOLUTE favorite part of a wedding day! The bridal portraits are just for the bride and groom to have a special moment just the two of them on their hectic day of greeting family and friends. These photos are the ones that are the most treasured by the bride and groom because they are off on their own and can truly be themselves and share special moments together as husband and wife. 

I remember when I did my bridal portraits with my husband it was time that we could share and take a breath and really let it sink in that we were now husband and wife. It was a day that we had both been looking forward to for so long and it was finally happening and these moments were where we could fully take it in. Our wedding day was amazing but difficult nothing went the way we wanted. It started raining so we had to hold back our pictures and do them in not the best location, we also just had a lot of little things go wrong and it stressed me out. Now I wasn't a bridezilla but I did have a moment when I broke down in tears because I was so disappointed. Even though all that was happening when it came time to do our bridal portraits those special moments we shared in that time calmed me down and allowed me to enjoy the rest of the day.

In every wedding, there is always at least one thing that does not go according to plan and that can be very stressful for the bride and groom. Since this stress is inevitable the bridal portraits are a must! They give the couple time to just themselves to drink in each other and get their minds back on what that day is all about, and that is marrying the person of their dreams. 

My favorite moments during the bridal portraits are the unplaned ones! I don't like to pose my couples because it looks forced and not genuine. I love to direct my couples to stand a certain way and let them interact with each other whether it is laughing, gazing lovingly into each other's eyes, or just sharing a tender moment. Those are the photos that come out the most beautiful and end up being my couples favorite photos from their day! 

Now that I have shared all of that information it is now time to see with your own eyes what I am talking about! I am going to share with you my favorite bridal portraits from all of the weddings I have had the honor to capture! My brides and grooms are some of the best people I have ever met and I am so blessed that they chose me to capture the best daynof their lives.

Beautiful unposed moments during bridal portraits. Laughing, love filled eyes, so much fun.
The groom kissing his beautiful bride during bridal portraits. Sunflowers, roses, and paper flowers. Some of the most beautiful boquetes I have ever seen.
Beautiful bridal portraits with the groom kissing his bride on the forehead.
Bride and groom laughing during bridal portraits. Enjoying one another and having fun.
Groom walking with his bride helping her with her dress. Bride and groom dancing together.
Bride holding her groom. Some of the most stunning bridal portraits. They are genuine, and full of love
So much love in these bridal portraits. Groom holding his bride from behind. Bride holding her groom from behind.

Thank you so much for reading today's Wedding Wednesday post! I hope this helps give you some photo ideas for your bridal portraits and that you remember to take this time in on your wedding day and enjoy every second of it! I hope you have a blessed week and happy wedding planning!