The 2019 Meet And Greet Overview

On June 23’rd 2018 I had my 2019 Divine Senior Spokesmodel Team meet and greet party. The idea behind the meet and greet is to get all of the girls together in one place to meet each other and have fun as a team to kick off the year. We had a giant Jenga, a hand-painted backdrop for photos, tea and lemonade in mason jars, and a tournament style game of balloon cups! This is my first year doing a meet and greet and it was exactly how I pictured it going! All of my girls had a total blast and just clicked with each other! I have no doubt that by the end of the year they will be the best of friends.

I could not have pulled this off without the help of some amazing people! My amazing husband who ran all of the errands with me, and let me spend some extra money to have some pretty details, and helped me sand down all of the Jenga pieces. Next my amazing grandma for letting me host this event at her home, helping me with food and sand down those Jenga pieces. Next my amazing sister for helping with the Jenga pieces and for showing my intern how to film the event. Lastly my amazing intern Cheyenne! She did so much like helping me paint the backdrop, bringing decorations, helping me stay organized, blowing up balloons, filming footage for my youtube video, and taking behind the scenes photos. I could not have pulled this off without her and I am so blessed to have her as apart of my business!

Now it's time to enjoy some of the beautiful images that I got to capture of my team during the party! I hope you have a divine day!

Flower crowns and roses.
Balloons and the High School Musical jump.
Smiling with closed eyes makes for some very cute pictures.
Laughter always makes for the best pictures, class of 2019.
Beautiful golden blonde hair, and beautifully long red hair.
Laughing pictures are the best pictures.
Such cute and sassy seniors.
Model faces all around!
Hands on hips and kneeling make for flattering and cute poses.
Big smiles all around.
Full body shots are always a must to show off their outfit they worked so hard on.