How Far In advance Should I Book My Wedding Photographer?

Good afternoon beautiful brides and handsome grooms! Happy Wedding Wednesday I am excited to bring this post to your screen! Today I wanted to give you an answer to a question I get a lot from newly engaged brides and grooms, and that question is "how far in advance should we book our photographer?". My answer to this would be as soon as you have a date! Most photographers start booking for the year that they are in and the following year. So with that being said, they are booked pretty far in advance so if you find a photographer you really like you should book a consult with them as soon as your date is chosen to make sure that you can have them for your big day. Finding a photographer that you love takes a little bit of time because there are so many styles that each photographer has. There is the light bright and airy which is my style, there is the dark and moody, and there are also photographers that shoot on film. Finding a style that you like is crucial because that will narrow down your search for photographers. 

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I hope that this post helped answer this question for you if you are newly engaged! If you have any questions durring the wedding planning processs that you would lik me to answer you can comment on this post or shoot me an email at and I will answer them in my next blog post! I hope you have an amazing Wednesday and happy wedding planning!