Ways To Capture The Men So They Look Sharp!

Your Groom and his guys are harder to pose than you and your girls sometimes so today I wanted to show you some of my favorite groom and groomsmen pictures that I have captured to give you hope that your man will look amazing in your photos. Guys can be goofy and outgoing, shy and awkward, or very serious. Now if your man is goofy and outgoing these photos will be super easy because they will just have fun with them! But if your man is shy and awkward or serious there are ways that we can break them out of their shell and get some amazing photos out of them! In this post, I am going to show you photos that I have taken that are structured and posed, some that are fun and goofy, some that are more serious, and some of just the groom with each groomsman.

First I am going to tell you about the structured and posed that are happy and all smiles. These photos will be perfect for your man because no matter if he is goofy, shy, or serious he is he will be able to look good in these photos. These photos that will make your men look sharp and sophisticated in your wedding album. These photos will be the ones you have printed out and hung on your wall. These will also be the photos that you give as gifts to your groomsmen. Below I am going to show you examples of these type of photos from the many weddings I have done.

The next types of photos you want to get of the men are the funny, goofy and special ones if they are comfortable with these types of photos. If your man does not want these kinds of photos because he is not comfortable with them or doesn't like them that is totally fine we can skip these a go to some poses they are more comfortable with. If he pumped to do these kinds of photos these are the ones you will make your profile or cover photo. They are also the ones you will share at each other's weddings and make them as your phone backgrounds. I love all of the goofy photos of my husband and his groomsmen as well as the ones I have captured for other weddings.

Now If your man is a very serious kind of guy and doesn't like to do the goofy photos these kinds of photos are perfect for him and will look amazing in your wedding album! In these photos, I like to ask the guys to look into the camera and clench their jaws so their jawline is very defined. I also like to have them look off into the distance or look down while they fix their tie or cufflinks or pretend like he buttoning his shirt. These poses are less intimidating and are more comfertable for him and look amazing! 

Lastly, you want to make sure that you get a photo with each of your groomsmen with your man individually. These men are his closest friends and will stand by you two in your marriage for the rest of your lives so you want to make sure they feel loved by having a good non-cell phone quality photo with him. You will also treasure these because it will be a high-quality photo that you will treasure for years to come.

I hope these photos and advice help all of you as you are planning your shot list for your big day! I hope these examples will get your groom excited for his photos and that if he is a fun and goofy, shy and awkward, or serious guy that he will enjoy the experience with his guys on your big day! I can't wait to see all of the handsome grooms and groomsmen that I will be able to capture in 2018! I hope you have an amazing day and happy wedding planning!