How To Style Your Engagement Session

Good afternoon! Being a married woman and having gone through the process that is engagement photos I wish I would have done a few things differently for my session. So since I have been through it personally and have captured many amazing couples I thought I would give you three simple tips on how to style your engagement session to be the most memorable and special.  

1. Make this a glamours event for you and your fiance - Do your hair really nice, put on some kick butt makeup and wear a dress that makes you feel like a queen. As for your man get him a haircut, make sure he's clean shaven and put him in a shirt and slacks that make you swoon. You will be so much more happy with your photos if you follow this step.

2. Make sure your ring is clean - You want that ring to shine! Your engagement ring is your treasure and you want to make sure that you show off its full beauty so you can brag about your fiances amazing taste. 

3. Bring pose ideas with you - If there is a special pose that you want to do that will make these photos more special let me know! If you want to recreate one of your parent's or grandparent's wedding pictures bring an example and we will do it! If you saw a really cute pose that you absolutely love on Pinterest save it and bring the photo with you! You also want to find poses that you and your fiance are comfortable with doing. If you are a more serious couple who only wants photos of you smiling let me know so I don't put you in a pose that you are not comfortable with. If you are goofier and want to do poses that no one would expect bring examples and we will have fun with them! This session is all about the two of you and I want who you are as a couple to shine.

I hope that each of these tips will help you as you start to plan and style your engagement session! I am so blessed to have been able to capture each of these beautiful couples in 2017 and I can not wait to see what couples I will have the honor to capture in 2018.