How To Style Your Senior Session

Good afternoon current and future high school seniors! I wanted to write this post today to give you some tips on how to style outfits for your senior session! Your senior pictures are something that you will treasure for years to come. Each photo should capture who you are and so should the outfits that you chose. I am going to share three style tips with photo examples. 

1. Tip number one is if you have a letterman jacket a sports uniform or a class ring bring it with you to incorporate it into your session. You have worked hard to letter in your activities and decorate you letterman so why not show it off? If you have been on a sports team or after school activity that you love, bring your uniform! If you have a class ring it is an awesome detail to add to your photos.

2. Tip number two is to wear something that you feel comfortable in and that will show off who you are. If you are more girly and love dresses and heels wear them! If you are a tomboy who loves jeans and a school t-shirt or a blouse wear them! If you are a combination of both then have one outfit that is more girly and one that is more casual. This is your time to shine so dress that way1

3. Tip number three is to include someone special in your life. Whether it be your best friend, a boyfriend, a parent or a pet make sure they get to take part in these special photos. You will be able to look back and have these special photos with these special people in your life.

I hope all of these tips will help you as you are planning your senior session! I hope to be the photographer lucky enough to capture these photos that you will treasure for years to come. I wish I had known about these tips for my senior photos because they would have been a little more special to me. I am excited to share these tips with you to help make you senior photos more special for the years to come.