The Queen With a Shattered Heart

On the other side of the world there was a queen whose beauty had no match. She was cold hearted but kind to her subjects. She was the Queen of a kingdom made fully of ice. She was able to control ice to create structures, artwork and beautiful things for her subjects to enjoy. She was so beautiful and kind that her subjects wanted to spend time with her and get to know her but she always stayed inside her beautiful ice castle. Her name was Queen Thea-Rose and she was truly as beautiful as a white rose in winter. All of her subjects wish they could know why she keeps herself so secluded from everyone. Only one person in the entire kingdom knew her story and it was her brother. He left the castle one day to go to the village and told her story to anyone who would listen. When Queen Thea-Rose was a little girl she loved to make fun things for her and her brother to play on. She loved making him and her parents laugh and having fun with them she truly had a kind heart to any person who came near her. She was the oldest so she was heir to the throne and my mother and father trained her in the ways of our kingdome. She was so excited to become Queen and spread joy and prosperity to all her subjects. She loved my parents and me with all her heart and as she grew that love started going to a young man and when she was sixteen she was head over heals in love with him. His name was Brandon and he was just as kind hearted and loving as she was. They made the perfect couple and when she turned eighteen and him twenty they decided to get married. It was going to be a beautiful ceremony and a time of celebration! But then the war happened and he and our father were asked to join the fight as they were the best sword fighters in the kingdom, my father had trained him. This happened a week before their big day and when they left for the battle he promised to return safely along with our father. After three months we got word that we had won the war, but our father and Brandon died bravely in battle. A few months later our mother passed as well and her heart shattered. Three of the people she loved so dearly were gone. She is still the kind hearted girl she was but she needs time to grieve.  After hearing what had happened to their beautiful queen they understood her and patiently awaited the day that they would be able to see her beauty again.