The Queen Who Was Kind

Not far from Queen Kire’s kingdom was a beautiful kingdom on a huge body of water. This kingdom was under the rule of a beautiful Queen by the name of Amatheia. She was so kind to her subjects and loved to play with the children of her kingdom. Unlike all the other kingdoms she was not the only one with the ability to control the element. There were many people in her kingdom that had the same ability she had and she took pride in teaching them how to control it better. Her castle was open during the day to anyone who wanted to enter and talk with her or the other members of the royal family. Every year the kingdom held a festival where the most powerful would put on displays and dances with water to celebrate their victory in the war. This tradition was started by the Queen’s grandfather who taught her everything she knew. He was a kind and caring man who held the same power as his granddaughter and loved to teach her how to control it for beauty and defense. When Amatheia was sixteen years old the kingdom was attacked by an army of fifty men that did not follow any queen. They were ruthless and came for blood but with the help of her grandfather they were able to use the defense techniques he had taught her to defeat the army and send them running in fear! So every year since that day they have held the festival. They also started training the people in the ways of using their power to defend their kingdom. She was the most kind and outgoing Queen to ever rule her kingdom.