The Queen of Death and The Queen of Life

Queen Renexia was even more ruthless than Rona. She was born with the ability to kill anything she stepped on or touched she could even kill a man! She took pride in walking through a beautiful green forest and just touching the ground and killing everything around her. Everyone in her kingdom feared her because she was the most ruthless person on earth and if you angered her she would end your life! She was the most evil of all the queens. She did have a sister who was kind, caring and ruled over the kingdom in most beautiful forest on earth. Her name was Kire and unlike her sister she had the power to bring everything to life. The two sisters were born on the same day but they were total opposites. Renexia was evil from the day she was born. She never cared for anyone and loved killing the plants around her. Their parents were like them their father was kind a loving like Kire, while their mother was just as evil and cold hearted as Renexia. Everyone wondered how these two different people could have children together but what they didn't realize was that their mother put a spell on their father in the hopes that she would be able to rule both of their kingdoms. But right before the girls were born the spell broke and he realized what had happened. But he played it out and waited till the girls were born and took Kire away to his kingdom leaving Renexia behind with her mother. When Renexia turned ten he tried to come back for her but she was already too far gone. When Renexia learned she had a sister she tried to attack Kire’s kingdom but Kire and her father had been training for that day and she was more powerful and was able to defeat Renexia. Ever since that day Renexia has turned her attention to causing death in her own kingdom and her rivalry with Queen Rona.