The Queen of Fire

Once upon a time, there were five different queens
with very different kingdoms. There was the kingdom of fire that was under the reign of Queen Rona. She was a very beautiful queen who captured the heart of every man in her kingdom; but she was also very ruthless, and loved to start trouble with her ability to control fire. She was very powerful and prideful in the fact that she knew she could have and do whatever she wanted.

She was not always like this—even though she had a hard and powerful outside, she was very small on the inside. When she was a child, all she wanted to do was make art with her fire, to use it to make beauty not destruction. But her mother was ruthless and took advantage of her power to take the land from the widowed King. He was kind and handsome, and Rona won over his heart and he loved and treated her as his own daughter since he had no children of his own. When he married Rona’s mother, she was the happiest girl alive!

Sadly, it didn't last long, for her mother had her use her powers to kill her new father. She didn't want to, she loved her father with all her heart! He encouraged her to use her ability for art and beauty, and showed her that she wasn't just capable of destruction. One horrible night, her mother tricked her into killing him by setting his room on fire telling, her that he said he wanted the room burned down so he could start over. After she realized what she had done, she became cold hearted and abandoned her old ways of using fire for beauty, and started
using it for destruction. She grew up to be very beautiful, and she knew that she was and she took advantage of it. That kind little girl died that night along with her father, and she was never the same again. She was never jealous of anyone because she knew no one could be more beautiful or more ruthless than her. But one day she stumbled across a queen who not only came close to her beauty, but she felt she could be even more beautiful than her. This queen was Queen Renexia, who ruled over the kingdom of darkness, and she became the enemy of Queen Rona.